You are about to make one of your smartest money decisions as a smart Investor in 2023....

Earn Up To 35% Dividend In 12 Months With Our Real Estate Cashback Offer For Smart Investors

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Our goal with the Real Estate Cashback offer, is simply to make it easy for you to secure your financial future with smart investments.

As we kick off the year, there's no better time to make your money work for you than now.

By now, you should already know that real estate investment is the key to financial stability, and for this Cashback offer, it is as simple as buying SQM of land, holding it for 12 months, and receiving amazing dividends from resale.


Dear Smart Investor!


With our amazing Real Estate Cashback program, you can enjoy 35% dividends on your investment in July, 2023.


Take advantage of this opportunity and invest in your future today.


The best part is, you can start with as little as N500,000 and earn a 35% dividend after 12 months. Here’s a breakdown of what you can earn:


  • Buy 4.2sqm at N500,000 and get a dividend of N675,000 after 12 months
  • Buy 16.7sqm at N2,000,000 and get a dividend of N2,700,000 after 12 months
  • Buy 83.3sqm at N10,000,000 and get a dividend of N13,500,000 after 12 months
  • Buy 416.7sqm at N50,000,000 and get a dividend of N67,500,000 after 12 months
  • Buy 666.7sqm at N80,000,000 and get a dividend of N108,000,000 after 12 months
  • Buy 833.3sqm at N100,000,000 and get a dividend of N135,000,000 after 12 months

By investing with us, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your money is working for you because our Real Estate Cashback program is designed to help you achieve your financial goals while providing you with a stable investment option.

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With our amazing Real Estate Cashback Offer this first quarter comes even bigger incentive for clients

With a single deposit of 201million, you can qualify to get a Toyota Camry Muscle as incentive instantly 

As always, we think about several ways to reward our clients for trusting us and this is one of the many opportunities .

Take advantage of this client incentive to get a new car this first quarter.

This incentive is valid from 4th July- 31st July 2023

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This is a massive opportunity for you to secure an excellent property with appreciation in value.

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