New Fraud Alert: Beware of Fake Lagos State Governor’s Consent That’s In Circulation

Shine your eyes and be smart. Land fraudsters in Lagos are now selling wayo and suspicious lands with fake governors’ consent. Thousands of people have lost Billions of Naira purchasing lands with fictitious Governor’s Consents sold by these dubious real estate fraudsters. These Governors’ Consents look genuine on the surface, but they are outright forgeries and dangerous documents to…

Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes When Buying Commercial Real Estate in Lagos

As renowned Realtors and Real Estate Consultants in Lagos, it is our mission to help smart investors make informed decisions when acquiring commercial real estate. To ensure you achieve a profitable investment with peace of mind, we would like to highlight three common mistakes to avoid when purchasing commercial properties in Lagos. By understanding these pitfalls and their solutions, you…

Difference between Excision Block, Village Excision, Government Approved Excision

Excision remains the same it is basically to take a part out of a whole. In Lagos state due to the General Acquisition done over the whole of Ibeju Lekki the various land owning families and communities are to apply by way of Excision for the land to be formally released back to them. Application for excision is the right…



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