New Fraud Alert: Beware of Fake Lagos State Governor’s Consent That’s In Circulation

Shine your eyes and be smart. Land fraudsters in Lagos are now selling wayo and suspicious lands with fake governors’ consent. Thousands of people have lost Billions of Naira purchasing lands with fictitious Governor’s Consents sold by these dubious real estate fraudsters. These Governors’ Consents look genuine on the surface, but they are outright forgeries and dangerous documents to…

7 Pitfalls You Should Avoid When Buying Real Estate in Nigeria

Real Estate is one of the best assets not just in Nigeria but across different countries. It has lots of investors being able to increase their net worth and returns on investment (ROI) through Real Estate. Most were able to achieve their financial goals faster than they earlier thought they could, establish a great opportunity for their families, and secure…


The importance of Land Titles cannot be overemphasized. People who have taken it for granted have either lost a lot of money or found themselves embroiled in unnecessary litigation. Before you acquire any property, it is pertinent that you ask, know and verify what title comes with the property. It is always best to investigate before you invest. However, even…



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