Forex vs Real Estate: Which One is More Advantageus?

Real estate and forex are unique ways of wealth creation however the risk involved are not the same. Real estate investment basically takes a long time to yield great results while you can multiply your money within a short time trading forex, you can equally lose all your money within a short time as well. Here’s a breakdown of…

Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes When Buying Commercial Real Estate in Lagos

As renowned Realtors and Real Estate Consultants in Lagos, it is our mission to help smart investors make informed decisions when acquiring commercial real estate. To ensure you achieve a profitable investment with peace of mind, we would like to highlight three common mistakes to avoid when purchasing commercial properties in Lagos. By understanding these pitfalls and their solutions, you…

Difference Between Government Approved Excision And Gazette

Excision, as it applies to land, means that land(usually a large portion) is free from government acquisition and Gazette is an Official record book where all special government details (including land) are spelt out, detailed and recorded. When a land has been excised (released to the people) it is recorded in a government book call Gazette. A gazette will show…



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